Final word

May 23, 2008

Blogging is not for me. Talking to people and word of mouth just works out much better for me. In a blog, the joy of transmitting my thoughts ceases at about the second line. I can’t say exactly why, but I would love to see a blog where people could actually cross out pieces of text that they did not get immediately, so that only the gist of it is left. Anticipating what others will cross out is going beyond the capacity of my own working memory.

So long,



Studying Psychology…

December 26, 2007

…meant that in the first 2 years I encountered, amongst others, the following big themes:

1) Behaviorism
2) Psychodynamic approaches
3) Cognitive Psychology
4) Social Constructionism
5) Differential approaches (such as Trait theory)
6) Developmental approaches
7) Probabilistic Fisherian reasoning

Having learned what those entail, I was then able to say:

In some situations people behave, just like animals, as their impulses dictate (1, 2), which have been shaped by past experience (1, 2, 3), either through unconscious (2) conditioning (1), or conscious social influence (4). We are different from animals in the sense of having developed a very complex language (3) that makes us Popperian creatures who are able to let hypotheses die instead of themselves. Of course, people are not only different in their prior experiences, they also differ in very basic, perhaps genetically rooted, characteristics (5), which in turn might not predict, but at least correlate with their behaviour.
There is a roadmap for every individual to evolve (6), with some paths being shared across individuals or even vertebrates to a certain likelihood (7).

I am currently trying to make sense of that and develop an integral (*1) view of all those existing building blocks. You already realized that the puzzle is still more than prematurely assembled and I welcome any help, should you feel you have an advanced view encompassing all those themes, knowing exactly where their place in both history and logical argument is to be. Just leave a comment…

*1) Integral in the sense of Spiral Dynamics (Don Beck)

Psst, Londoners…

February 22, 2007

…I actually shouldn’t tell you, but there’s a way to get a free return trip to Europe:

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Please support this great project if you are experienced – zoom out a bit and you can see that especially the UK needs to catch up!

Anyone who is puzzled now, check this to be even more…


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Follow the link river thames art – a photoset on Flickr for a pictured documentation of how London police was destroying art, suspecting it to be a terrorism act.
The most ridiculus point about the whole incidence was not the fact that we were stopped from hanging a swing (which really just looked like a swing and not like anything dangerous) on a tree at the River Thames, but the views of the officer who had to exercise his duty: “Your student is quite argumentative. if she would speak like this to a German officer, he would slinger her on the back of his car straight away and she knows that”, he said to Mirjas tutor. Oh my… what a caveman. And he is one of those allowed to enforce rules far beyond the point where the rule-makers themselves already would have said that it becomes necessary to bend them.